Decorating my House for St. Patty’s Day

I normally don’t decorate for St. Patrick’s Day but this year I got inspired.  I didn’t do a whole lot just some little touches here and there.  So I thought I would share…

DSC_0080  DSC_0087

Here’s my front porch and one thing I have realized is how hard it is to take pictures.  I have a fancy camera that I don’t know how to use.  The sun is never in the right spot among many other issues.  I think I need to take a class!

DSC_0046  IMG_0849

I put together a banner for our green dinner the other day so I added it to my wreath when we were all done with it.

DSC_0040  DSC_0052

The green polka dot is tissue paper, my porch is covered so I can get away with putting paper products outside for a little while.  Oh and Kitty wanted to be in the photo shoot, she’s such a good model.

IMG_0669  IMG_0866


My mantel all dressed up!  I found this “You are my Lucky Charm” print on Pinterest here and it’s free!

Image 3-6-15 at 7.25 PM  IMG_0826

 Ok… I admit once I got started decorating I was having too much fun and didn’t want to stop.  I promise this is the last picture …


I’m hosting Bunco at my house this month, so I thought it would be fun to decorate a little for the holiday. Now that the decorating is done I need to clean. I don’t know about you, but when I start decorating I make a huge mess. Do you decorate for St. Patrick’s Day?



St. Patty’s Day Dinner

When I was a kid my family had some pretty cool traditions.  I think my mom and her BFF would just sit around thinking up ideas to get our families together. Mostly so we could all learn to love each other as much as they did.  My mom and her BFF met at church when my brother and I were young, I think I was in first grade.  BFF had two kids also, each a year older than my brother and I and the same sex….how convienent is that?  Neither of them had a sister and they just clicked. So they became family.  My mom lost her life to cancer at forty, when I was 17 years old.  It was way too soon, I wasn’t done with her yet.  She needed to see me graduate from high school, marry and have a family. She needed to be a grandma to my kids. But it didn’t work out that way.  God’s plan was different.  But my mom gave me so many memories in those 17 years.  One of them St. Patty’s day green dinner, part of her legacy that carries on.  She was a pretty fun mom.  So this year Ang’s family and mine had green dinner.

image      image

Ang does such a great job at chalkboarding, I hope to learn a thing or two from her!!!!

She also made some SUPER CUTE banners of course!

 IMG_0782          IMG_0779

Corned beef isn’t the healthiest meal by far.  Its full of nitrates and phosphates and all kinds of garbage we don’t need!  I could have done some research and made my own but got this one all ready to go from the grocery store.  It’s so easy, just plop in the crockpot, add water and cook on low for 8 hours.


It doesn’t look so pretty here but turns out delish!

We made almost everything green.  Green wine, green milk, green shamrock dinner rolls with green butter and  green twice baked potatoes.


Yes, it’s a whole lot of green but it was fun!

Angie made a grasshopper dessert that had Girl Scout thin mint cookies as the crust.  I thought I had died and went to heaven, I’m pretty sure angels were singing !


Isn’t it pretty?  She got the recipe from this cookbook…

image        image

We did save our kids from one part of the tradition.  While moms were getting dinner ready, they had us kids conjure up some sort of entertainment for after dinner.  We would sing a song, read a poem, play a song on the piano, do whatever.  I think it was still apart of the master plan for all of us to love each other.  Or to embarrass us in front of our boyfriends in the later years. The end result?  It worked, I still love them like family.  Our moms were smart after all.



Book Page Shamrock Banner


My hubby and I were recently hanging out at my sisters helping them with a little basement remodel.  The boys were doing most of the work while the girls gave moral support.  I could only do that for so long before I pulled out the water colors with my nieces and started crafting.


Well, we couldn’t find any paint brushes so we finger painted.  I drew them a couple shamrocks to paint and I had to make one myself.  I ripped out some pages of an old book and made Mandy (my sis) a quick banner.


This was super easy and it just took me a few minutes.  All you need is some pages out a book, a sharpie, watercolors, scissors, and some ribbon (no paint brush required lol).  I just free handed the shamrocks and filled them in with water colors.  I found some green ribbon out of the girls’ craft drawer and strung it together.


She has the perfect shelf in her living room to hang banners on.  She has requested that I make her one that she could leave up all year round.  I’ll let you know what I decide on when I actually get around to it.


P.S. I can’t wait to share pictures of their basement with you when they get all done.