Believing in the Power of Prayer, part two

Oh wow!  Did it take me long enough to get to part two?  It’s been a crazy busy summer to say the least!  I’m also not so good at blogging on my own, but Ang has bigger fish to fry than helping me blog.  I miss her tons and can’t wait until we get to blog together again!  So here it goes, my attempt at the rest of the story.  Thanks for your patience friends!

As it turned out, I was right.  There was no sign of breast cancer that showed up on the mammogram on the previous Friday.  Many are skeptical and say that, “They probably just got yours mixed up with someone else’s “.  That person has probably never seen an old school mammo.  It has your name on the top and looks similar to an exray.  And I was there and saw all the pics she took.  I watched her every move because I was incredibly curious to get to the end of this.  There was no mix up at all. Continue reading

Beau’s Beautiful Heart

Today is the 4th of July, Happy 239th  Birthday America!  It’s supposed to be a day of picnics and fireworks.  Family games, activities and parades.  But as it is Beau’s 6 week in ICU, it’s a little different for Beau and his family.  His brothers went camping with family friends, Ang and Ryan continue to take watch over Beau.  So today the kids and I headed up to see the little guy and check in on him.  When I was visiting yesterday he asked for my son,Jake,  Jakey, or Jakey-poo, as Beau calls him.  He wanted him there to hold his hand, he asked multiple times and all it took was teary eyes for me to say, ” of course we will be back tomorrow”. Continue reading

A Father’s Love

imageAng and I sometimes talk about our husbands, like most friends do.  A few months ago I was telling her how I am so impressed with Ryan’s character and the man he is.  Little did I know I really hadn’t seen his true man/ dad/husband shine until now. Continue reading

Urgent Prayer, the Heart of a Mama, part 2

I’ve been waking up consistently in the middle of the night, usually in the 2 o’clock hour.  Beau is the first thing on my mind so I lay in bed and pray.  Then I pray a little more. A few times I’ve sent Ang the prayer I’ve been praying so she knows I’m here even though I’m an hour away.  Just knowing someone is taking over prayer while you sleep, maybe it’s a comfort.  It’s hard to know how to comfort even those you are very close to in times like these.


Continue reading

Urgent Prayer for Beau, the Heart of a Mom

imageThe last few days I have been pondering writing about prayer.  I knew today I was going to post it but not sure what to write, so I kinda put it off.  I can’t put it off any longer.  Just an hour ago I got a text….Beau has an infection and is need of URGENT PRAYER, it’s VERY serious. Continue reading