Follow Friday

Its my turn this week to pick someone for our Follow Friday and I choose  I love her style and everything she does I want to do.  Which is what leads me to this post.  She recently did a post about naming her house and it inspired me to want to do the same thing.



Here is the picture she posted about her sign she had made for her house, isn’t it lovely? I love her living room and how light and bright it is. You should also read about why she named her house here.  I love how sweet she is and how it just bubbles out in her writing.

After reading her blog that evening when my family was all sitting around the dinning room table after dinner.  I mentioned that I wanted to name our house and I needed some ideas.  I told them the name had to do with something about the house.  Some ideas I gave them were we live in the pacific north-west, its green all around us, our house is green ect.  When they were done rolling their eyes at me and telling me I was crazy they actually started coming up with some good ideas.  My Hubby ended up with the winner, Cottonwood Creek.  Which is perfect because our backyard is filled with cottonwood trees and we have a creek that runs along the border of our property.


I took a chalk board sign we already had and put our new name on it.  We built our house in 2007 so that had to be on my sign also.



It’s funny how the little thing like naming my house gets me so excited.  Heidi came over and saw my sign and she gooshed all over it!  The two of us are two peas in a pod!  I’m so happy I have her to get so excited over the little things with me.  Please tell me we are not the only ones who do this?  I think, I must feel this way because I live in a house full of boys.

Happy Follow Friday,





P.S. I just got paper work in the mail about my house and it is actually built in 2006, lol!  Good thing I used a chalk marker.  I’ll get around to changing it one of these days :).

About Angie


Hi, I’m Angie or Angela or Ang, lol. One day one of my dearest friends said to me, “You’re one of my best friends and I don’t know what name you liked to be called?” I laughed and said I don’t know… I guess Ang. It really doesn’t matter to me, everyone calls me something different. If you ask my mom, it’s Angela, but my hubby usually says Ang unless he’s trying to get my attention then he yells ANGELA (I need some toilet paper, bwhahaha). I would say most people call me Angie.


This is from 2011 it’s time to take new family photos

I was born, raised and still live in the same town today and I love it! I’m a wife to my high school sweetheart, Ryan and mother to 3 amazing boys. We love our community and are so grateful to be raising our family here. I never imagined my kids getting big enough to be teenagers and now I have two. It’s so weird when your babies get bigger than you. My oldest is 17 and is 6’3”… 6’3” I still can’t believe it. My second son has just entered into the teen years and is 13. Every day he wakes up I think he looks like he grew over night. My baby is no longer a baby anymore as he just had his first double digit birthday “10” Yikes!


We have the cutest beagle named Harley we got her when my youngest was 2 1/2 years old, so my kiddos have grown up with her. We also have a tabby cat we got a couple years ago we named Tigra, which no one ever calls her that, we call her Kitty.

I love to craft and decorate and have wanted to blog for a long time so I could have an outlet for my creativity. It’s kind of scary and a little intimidating to start a blog when there is so many great, amazing talented blogs out there. So when my friend Heidi shared the same passions and ideas as me it just made sense that we should do it together.


The Thomasson Clan at the pumpkin patch

My family has a pumpkin patch/corn maze that I help with in the fall called Thomasson Family Farm. You can find me in the Country Store where we sell home decor and sweet treats. It’s the best job, I get to be a buyer and decorate. It’s so much fun!

Some fun facts about me are:
I love Jesus
Family and friends mean the world to me
Snow skiing is my favorite sport
Water skiing is a close second

Some of my hobbies are hiking, biking, reading, crafting, decorating.

I try and workout as much as I can just so I can stay in enough shape to ski all day long when I get the chance to go.

I don’t think I could go a whole day with out a latte.

I’m always working on a project that I can’t wait to share with the next poor victim who walks through my door.

So hopefully you enjoyed stopping by because I know I’m glad you did!