Easter Brunch

Every year for Easter we do a big brunch with the family.  My family rotates who hosts and this year it’s at my aunts.  Which will be so nice to go and enjoy and not have to stress out about all those things you stress out about when you host.  But, a little crazy part of me wishes I was hosting so I could set my table for a Easter brunch!  So, I thought it would be fun to set up my table how I would want it to look anyway.  With Heidi’s help of course!  We made some tissue paper and coffee filter flowers to add to the table decorations, and I love how it turned out.  The best part is I only had to do 4 place settings not the 40 that we usually have when we all get together.















I’m all about using what you got and getting a little creative with it.  The table runner with the white polka dots is craft paper.  I used sheet moss for under the flowers on the plates. On top of that is the  coffee filter flowers the tutorial we used is here.  The tiny pink tissue paper flowers we made has q-tips in the centers and we hot glued them to the branches.  The tutorial for those flowers are here.  Heidi and I had so much fun getting together to make the flowers.  They were really cheap to make and it adds a lot to the decorations.

So there you go, yes I’m a little nuts but thats what makes me, me!  I think I’ll keep it like this for a while because it make me smile whenever I walk into my dinning room.



Easter Craft ~ Branch Cross



I’m all about free craft projects!  I have been wanting to make some crosses for Easter decorations around my house.  I have tons of branches in my backyard so I went outside with some cutters and gathered up some.


This project was so easy and fast that by the time I was done I had seven!  I think I’ll give a couple away as gifts.  Since I’m not hosting Easter at my house, maybe I bring one for a hostess gift.  I made a couple big ones to put in my urns on my front porch and some little ones to put in the house.  The big ones measured about 2.5 Ft x 15 inches and the littles ones varied in sizes but were around 12 inches x 6 inches.


After I gathered up some branches and cut them to size I just tied some jute around them and tied it off with a knot in the back.  It was as simple as that.  You can get jute at craft supply stores or at your local hardware store.  I already had some lying around so I used what I had.


FullSizeRender-6 IMG_1205

I got an idea to add a little fabric to my cross and I’m still not sure if I love the look.  I asked Heidi what she thought and she said her hubby thought it looked like T.P.  lol!  After he said that I thought  ya, now that you say that it kind of does!  Haha, oh well I just decided to live on the edge and just go with it!  It’s a good reminder to me why we celebrate Easter.

FullSizeRender-5My sister came over and I asked her the same thing, she thought it looked a little over the top. Actually her exact words were “It’s a little crazy!” My sister usually thinks the things I do are a little crazy so I was kind of expecting that.  I really do appreciate their honest opinion.  What do you guys think, yes or no to the fabric?

Enjoy your Easter,


Bunco Party

Our bunco group just got together at my house so I spruced up a bit.  I love hosting a party and getting all my fancy dishes out and adding some flowers around the house. IMG_1091

Our group has been getting together for 13 years!  We have raised our kids together shared our struggles and enjoyed a ton of good times.  I feel so blessed to be part of this group, as time goes on our dynamics have changed but once we all get together it’s like old times.  We end up talking so much that not a whole lot of dice rolling happens.  Thats what its all about for me, its the fellowship and bunco is just an excuse to get together.

We’ve had lots of good memories over the years.  We call it “bunco night” but we don’t always get together to play bunco.  We have gone out to do all kinds of fun stuff like going out to the movies or out to the casino to play bingo.  It’s got to the point that our husbands ask us now what are we really going to go out and do this time.  One of the coolest things we got together to do was when we signed up to do Relay for Life two years in a row.  We needed a team name so we came up with “Bunco Bettys” and it stuck.  We affectionately refer to ourselves as that all the time now.

We all have gotten kind of busy so we haven’t gotten together for almost 5 months!  It was really nice to see everyone again.

Of course a party isn’t complete with out plenty to eat and drink and don’t forget table snacks when rolling dice.

I found this print of the flower online and printed it off for free from here a Craftberry Bush.

There is all kinds of different rules on how to play.  We have just found what works best for us and all agreed on them.  We do a $5 buy in and we distribute the winnings accordingly: 1st place goes to most buncos, 2nd place goes to most wins, 3rd place goes to second most wins, and 4th place goes to  biggest loser. If your looking for rules on how to play I found these on Pinterest that I liked.

I’m loving spring and had to add tulips all over the house.  The antler print I got from here at Lolly and Jane.

Here’s to getting together with your girls friends and playing bunco!  Did I inspire you to start a group? I hope so, it’s so worth it! If your already in a group do you have any additional fun idea you can share with me?

Enjoy your day,


Decorating my House for St. Patty’s Day

I normally don’t decorate for St. Patrick’s Day but this year I got inspired.  I didn’t do a whole lot just some little touches here and there.  So I thought I would share…

DSC_0080  DSC_0087

Here’s my front porch and one thing I have realized is how hard it is to take pictures.  I have a fancy camera that I don’t know how to use.  The sun is never in the right spot among many other issues.  I think I need to take a class!

DSC_0046  IMG_0849

I put together a banner for our green dinner the other day so I added it to my wreath when we were all done with it.

DSC_0040  DSC_0052

The green polka dot is tissue paper, my porch is covered so I can get away with putting paper products outside for a little while.  Oh and Kitty wanted to be in the photo shoot, she’s such a good model.

IMG_0669  IMG_0866


My mantel all dressed up!  I found this “You are my Lucky Charm” print on Pinterest here and it’s free!

Image 3-6-15 at 7.25 PM  IMG_0826

 Ok… I admit once I got started decorating I was having too much fun and didn’t want to stop.  I promise this is the last picture …


I’m hosting Bunco at my house this month, so I thought it would be fun to decorate a little for the holiday. Now that the decorating is done I need to clean. I don’t know about you, but when I start decorating I make a huge mess. Do you decorate for St. Patrick’s Day?