Believing in the Power of Prayer, part one

Maybe a week after Beau’s accident a friend of mine sent me a message. ” Heidi, you should tell your story.”  I didn’t even know she knew the story. You see a lot of people, people I know well don’t know this story.  But come to find out she was at church the Sunday I shared.  It was the only time I shared in a big group setting…because to be honest, I’m not a public speaker.  People laugh when I say that and don’t believe me because of my job where I’m always in front of people.. Yeah, serving coke and peanuts at 35,000 feet is not like speaking in front of people….WAY different.  But it’s a great story and one that should be told more often. Especially when we aren’t feeling hopeful of situations or hopeful that God is hearing our prayers, but he is. I am thankful that Ang already knew this story before Beau’s accident. Because it’s a story of hope, God’s grace and healing.   I have been wanting to share this story with Marybeth , because she is in need of hope too.  This story was meant to be shared  but it’s way out of my comfort zone to share something so intimate.  But sometimes we are pulled to share, God calls us to do things that make us uncomfortable and that’s what he is doing here. Ok,so maybe he has been encouraging me to share for a long time now but I wasn’t listening.  So bare with me because this story is a long one and I’m a little scared and uncomfortable,  so I am doing it in parts. Thanks for the encouragement Julianne, because of your encouragement, I’m finally writing my story…. here it goes! Continue reading

A Father’s Love

imageAng and I sometimes talk about our husbands, like most friends do.  A few months ago I was telling her how I am so impressed with Ryan’s character and the man he is.  Little did I know I really hadn’t seen his true man/ dad/husband shine until now. Continue reading

Urgent Prayer, the Heart of a Mama, part 2

I’ve been waking up consistently in the middle of the night, usually in the 2 o’clock hour.  Beau is the first thing on my mind so I lay in bed and pray.  Then I pray a little more. A few times I’ve sent Ang the prayer I’ve been praying so she knows I’m here even though I’m an hour away.  Just knowing someone is taking over prayer while you sleep, maybe it’s a comfort.  It’s hard to know how to comfort even those you are very close to in times like these.


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Urgent Prayer for Beau, the Heart of a Mom

imageThe last few days I have been pondering writing about prayer.  I knew today I was going to post it but not sure what to write, so I kinda put it off.  I can’t put it off any longer.  Just an hour ago I got a text….Beau has an infection and is need of URGENT PRAYER, it’s VERY serious. Continue reading

Prayers for Beau

imageMy sweet friend Angie and I started a blog just a few months ago.  It’s something we have talked about for some time and finally just stepped out there and did it.  Ang is awesome at crafting and I love cooking.  So it seemed and easy.  It seemed natural.  But today’s post isn’t easy and it isn’t natural.  It’s heart wrenching.  It’s not something I want to post.  But I need to…  I am writing so many will pray.  Friday afternoon Angie’s youngest son Beau, 10, was involved in an accident along with a friend Carter. Carter did suffer from some burns and he is at home resting but is in need of prayer.   Beau was burned over 60% of his body.  I told you this was going to be heart wrenching.  It’s so hard to even begin to tell you the heartache, grief, fear and emotional turmoil involved for the family, friends and our small town.  We have a wonderful friend who wrote the most beautiful post about that night when we all gathered around Ang in prayer.  She continued to say what we are called to do as Christians and how to handle tragedy and fear.  With her permission, I am reposting her beautifully written post as maybe it can bring you comfort too.  Thanks Lu, you are the kind of friend everyone wants by their side in life. Continue reading