Book Page Shamrock Banner


My hubby and I were recently hanging out at my sisters helping them with a little basement remodel.  The boys were doing most of the work while the girls gave moral support.  I could only do that for so long before I pulled out the water colors with my nieces and started crafting.


Well, we couldn’t find any paint brushes so we finger painted.  I drew them a couple shamrocks to paint and I had to make one myself.  I ripped out some pages of an old book and made Mandy (my sis) a quick banner.


This was super easy and it just took me a few minutes.  All you need is some pages out a book, a sharpie, watercolors, scissors, and some ribbon (no paint brush required lol).  I just free handed the shamrocks and filled them in with water colors.  I found some green ribbon out of the girls’ craft drawer and strung it together.


She has the perfect shelf in her living room to hang banners on.  She has requested that I make her one that she could leave up all year round.  I’ll let you know what I decide on when I actually get around to it.


P.S. I can’t wait to share pictures of their basement with you when they get all done.