Clothes Pin Cord Tidy

I found this great idea on check it out for a detailed tutorial.  I right away got a hold of Heidi so we could plan a girls craft day :).  Her daughter Madi came over with her to help us out and to visit.  It’s so nice to have a hip teenager around to give us tips and ideas.


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Bunny Makeover

I’ve had this cute bunny for years! She has seen better days and has a couple broken spots, but I still bring her out each Easter and put her on my front porch.  I wanted to give her a fresh new look so I took some good ol’ spray paint to her.  I used heirloom white satin finish, gave her one light coat and called it good.


This is what she looked like before her makeover:




And this is how she turned out:




I’m happy with her new look. How do you think she turned out?

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Easter Brunch

Every year for Easter we do a big brunch with the family.  My family rotates who hosts and this year it’s at my aunts.  Which will be so nice to go and enjoy and not have to stress out about all those things you stress out about when you host.  But, a little crazy part of me wishes I was hosting so I could set my table for a Easter brunch!  So, I thought it would be fun to set up my table how I would want it to look anyway.  With Heidi’s help of course!  We made some tissue paper and coffee filter flowers to add to the table decorations, and I love how it turned out.  The best part is I only had to do 4 place settings not the 40 that we usually have when we all get together.















I’m all about using what you got and getting a little creative with it.  The table runner with the white polka dots is craft paper.  I used sheet moss for under the flowers on the plates. On top of that is the  coffee filter flowers the tutorial we used is here.  The tiny pink tissue paper flowers we made has q-tips in the centers and we hot glued them to the branches.  The tutorial for those flowers are here.  Heidi and I had so much fun getting together to make the flowers.  They were really cheap to make and it adds a lot to the decorations.

So there you go, yes I’m a little nuts but thats what makes me, me!  I think I’ll keep it like this for a while because it make me smile whenever I walk into my dinning room.



Banner for a Friend


My friend asked me the other day if I would mind making a banner for a memorial she was getting ready for, and of course I said yes!  Banners are one of my favorite things to make.  They’re so easy to pull together and I usually have enough stuff lying around my craft room to pull one together.


Her only requests were that she wanted it to be simple and black and white.  So I gathered up some supplies and had some fun.



 These are the two ideas I came up with and let her pick.  Drum roll please… and she decided on the first one!


I just traced an old banner I had and cut it out.


I wanted to add a little extra texture so I rubbed chalk along the outside.


Then I just took a chalk marker and wrote the letters free hand.


Here is the finished product. She wanted it hung on the palette board I had and it all came together nicely.  It says Richard remembered.


The memorial was a beautiful tribute and so were the decorations, she did a really good job.  I wish I had more pictures to show you of all the decorations.  You can kind of see the table center pieces in the background of this picture.  She did wood rounds and added cute touches on the top, every table was a little different.

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