Happy Monday!

Happy Monday ya’ll ! I hope you had a great weekend celebrating Mother’s Day!  It was a busy weekend around here.  Soccer tryouts for Jake and water polo for Madi.  Then Sunday my dear friend and riding partner Amy and I headed out early. Continue reading

Meet Heidi


Hey there, thanks for stopping by our little blog!  Ang and I have entertained this blog idea long enough and finally just took a leap of faith, said a prayer and jumped in.

I have been married 24 years, this June, to the man of my dreams, my high school sweetheart.  He has stuck by me through more thin than thick, he makes me laugh on a daily basis and loves me even when I can be hard to love.

We have two children, our daughter is a senior in high school this year, and headed to college in the fall .  Our son is 13 and changes almost every day. They are both such fun, loving, easygoing, smart and caring kids,  I’m not sure why I deserve to mother them.  Being a wife and mom is my favorite part about being me.  Pearl, our sweet, gentle, three year old Boston Terrier makes our family complete.


I also fly the friendly skies, serving coffee and tea in a glamorous poly-blend.  Yes, I’ve been a flight attendant for 25 YEARS (oh my that just made me sound really old) this June.  It’s been a great career and I feel blessed to have my job almost everyday I go to work.  Of course if I said EVERYDAY, this would be a lie.  Sometimes traveling at 30,000 feet includes vomit. In those minutes, I really don’t care much for my job. But overall, it’s a great gig!

Other things I LOVE:

*road biking *hiking *coffee *everything paper *crossfit *eating paleo *baking *cooking *laughing *Bible Study Fellowship *all the amazing women in my life *the beach *wine *bell peppers *the smell of suntan oil  *chococlate *the smell of the first rain after hot summer day *memories of my mom *Stabilo pens *tulips

But above all I love God and I am humbled by the love, comfort and blessings he has given me.