Picture Day: Part Two

Last week Ang wrote a post about how it was time to update our pictures.  We have been hiding behind our ski goggles long enough!   April Gallagher at https://www.facebook.com/makeupbyaprilgallagher used her amazing skills to make us look better than the “everyday us”.  She does such fantastic work if you need makeup for a special date night, wedding, or prom, check out her page! The day was a little drizzly, typical for the PNW, but we were able to get some good lighting with Heather Boren @ heatherboren.com.  She is a very talented photographer who has good vision and beautiful results.  So we of course wanted pictures on the porch.  We really wanted to post it side by side of the picture of my great grandma Mamie.  How fun is that?  These pictures are a century apart.  So cool to connect with the great grandma I never knew.





We like the house in the background in this one.

It seemed so funny doing headshots, I don’t think I have done that since my wedding pictures!   But that was just a few years ago….hahaha!!!!  Now that we had them done, I love them both.  So if you are a mommy out there, always the one behind the camera, take a few minutes to get pictures of YOU!  One day your kids and grandkids will thank you.

image      image

Thanks April Gallagher and Heather Boren , we love you girls!


*to read more about the house go to this post :  http://wp.me/p5DFZ8-1y


About Angie


Hi, I’m Angie or Angela or Ang, lol. One day one of my dearest friends said to me, “You’re one of my best friends and I don’t know what name you liked to be called?” I laughed and said I don’t know… I guess Ang. It really doesn’t matter to me, everyone calls me something different. If you ask my mom, it’s Angela, but my hubby usually says Ang unless he’s trying to get my attention then he yells ANGELA (I need some toilet paper, bwhahaha). I would say most people call me Angie.


This is from 2011 it’s time to take new family photos

I was born, raised and still live in the same town today and I love it! I’m a wife to my high school sweetheart, Ryan and mother to 3 amazing boys. We love our community and are so grateful to be raising our family here. I never imagined my kids getting big enough to be teenagers and now I have two. It’s so weird when your babies get bigger than you. My oldest is 17 and is 6’3”… 6’3” I still can’t believe it. My second son has just entered into the teen years and is 13. Every day he wakes up I think he looks like he grew over night. My baby is no longer a baby anymore as he just had his first double digit birthday “10” Yikes!


We have the cutest beagle named Harley we got her when my youngest was 2 1/2 years old, so my kiddos have grown up with her. We also have a tabby cat we got a couple years ago we named Tigra, which no one ever calls her that, we call her Kitty.

I love to craft and decorate and have wanted to blog for a long time so I could have an outlet for my creativity. It’s kind of scary and a little intimidating to start a blog when there is so many great, amazing talented blogs out there. So when my friend Heidi shared the same passions and ideas as me it just made sense that we should do it together.


The Thomasson Clan at the pumpkin patch

My family has a pumpkin patch/corn maze that I help with in the fall called Thomasson Family Farm. You can find me in the Country Store where we sell home decor and sweet treats. It’s the best job, I get to be a buyer and decorate. It’s so much fun!

Some fun facts about me are:
I love Jesus
Family and friends mean the world to me
Snow skiing is my favorite sport
Water skiing is a close second

Some of my hobbies are hiking, biking, reading, crafting, decorating.

I try and workout as much as I can just so I can stay in enough shape to ski all day long when I get the chance to go.

I don’t think I could go a whole day with out a latte.

I’m always working on a project that I can’t wait to share with the next poor victim who walks through my door.

So hopefully you enjoyed stopping by because I know I’m glad you did!


It Started with a House

FINALLY, the day we had been waiting for had arrived!!! We sat in front of the window, patiently waiting.   There we sat, my kids and I.  With anticipation building for a few hours, we all bolted for the door at the first sign of them.  We couldn’t wait to see who our new friends were , we couldn’t wait to meet our new neighbors.   Quickly  the chatter began and Angie and I realized we had more in common than having kids the same ages.  Angie grew up in the same house that my great- grandfather had built. The house my grandfather was born in.  We had just met , yet we already had history together.  But the best was yet to come. I couldn’t have found a better friend to raise my kids next door to, to share my life with and to grow up with in my adult life.  God blessed me and my family that day that moving truck pulled in.  I couldn’t have created a better story if I tried.



My great-grandmother Mamie standing on the porch of the house built by my great-grandfather in 1907.