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Where did the week go?  Friday got here so quickly, I love it when that happens!  I’m looking forward to a fun Easter weekend with the fam!  This Follow Friday we introduce someone local to us who is incredibly talented and has the cutest little online shop that you must check out!  Introducing the HIGHLY TALENTED AND INSPIRATIONAL…..TARA, at  You’ll be glad you did!

imageHappy Friday!



My Favorite New Kitchen Item

I have something new that I am totally in love with.  I didn’t even know how much my cooking life was missing out on until now.  How have I been cooking all these years without it?  Introducing the new love of my kitchen. But shhh, I don’t want my coffee maker to hear, get jealous and quit working.  Just like on bike rides, when Amy and I talk about getting a dreamy new bike, we do it quietly in fear of them retaliating !

Here she is …. The lovely, the beautiful, the shiny (insert Vanna White hands here)….Le Creuset stovetop grill!

Do you see how pretty she is?  I love how the color goes from orange to red, which gets even darker when it heats up.  Maybe you can tell I am a bit obsessed because of all the photos of her glossy coat?  But she is not all beauty , she is a hard worker too.  I crank her up to medium and let her heat up at least 4-5 minutes.  I test it by flicking water droplets on it to make sure she’s ready to work her magic. Chicken and steak have been our favorites, salmon pulls a close second.

imageThis was so easy,  I just put a little olive oil on the chicken and seasoned with a little of my favorite seasonings.  In this case it was some Saudi Kasaba Masala, a curry blend from a trip to Dubai. But DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT add oil to your pan.  This little cast iron, 9.2 pound beauty is already to go without your help!  Doesn’t she do a great job at making pretty little grill marks?  Now can you see why I love her so?  That chicken was so tasty that it’s become a staple at our house.  When I’m in a hurry, I slice the breasts horizontally, to make them cook quicker.

I got my pretty little gem at Williams-Sonoma.  Go check them out they have 5 colors and two sizes.  I promise you, they won’t disappoint!


This is a pic of my little collection, all are in the color FLAME.  But the color choices are so beautiful!  I’m thinking of stepping out of the box and starting a new color with my next piece.

Do you see that cute little book in the background?  That’s my favorite new cookbook and author , Danielle Walker.  She has an amazing story and fabulous recipes.  I use her cookbooks more than any other.  Check back soon for a quick little blog about her!

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Picture Day

Heidi and I decided it was time to update our profile picture from our ski goggles to something hip and cute. Except I really don’t feel hip and cute lol. I’m a mom with teenagers who constantly remind me that I’m so un-cool! Because that’s what teenagers do!  No, seriously I love to craft and decorate my house and I feel pretty confident in it. When it comes to my wardrobe I kind of stress out, I think I do an ok job but it doesn’t come easy to me.

So we headed out for a shopping trip and had so much fun. We kept cracking jokes about how cute and trendy we were going to look. We found a few things that were cute but we weren’t to exited about it. Then we made it to target and I saw a picture of a model with the cutest outfit all pulled together. Ta-Da thats exactly what I needed, lol. We had so much fun pulling it all together from there. Here is what we we decided on.

This is my outfit.

This is all from Target

This is all from Target

Jeans are Marshalls and necklace is Cookie Lee

Jeans are Marshalls and necklace is Cookie Lee

This is What Heidi is wearing.


Shoes are Sole Society from Nordstrom, Necklace is older from Ralph Lauren, Jeans are from Gap and everything else is Target.

The Shoes are our favorite part of our outfits!


We made a whole girly day out of it by getting our make up done by the amazingly talented April Gallagher.

Heather Boren Photography out to my moms house so we could get our pictures taken on the same front porch as Heidi’s great grandma Mammi.  I know Heather is going to work her magic and we’re  going to have some beautiful pictures to show you.



Thanks to my mom for letting us come out to her house and being so supportive of us!  I love you!

Can’t wait to share with you how they turn out.


My Sweet Valentine

At our house we sing.  A lot.  Or hum, or whistle.  I also like car singing, my kids not so much (which makes me like it a little more).  I grew up in a house that sang a lot, mine is the same and I love that.  I also am in love with all things paper.  Books , journals, stationary, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper ( I collect it like I am a scrapbooker, but I’m not.). I like to make my own cards but when I saw these two cards for Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t pass them up.


You see, It Had To Be You, is the song my husband and I danced to at our wedding. ( I’m guessing he won’t make the connection right away. But we have been married 23 years so he gets a pass!)  The pink card says “you are my sunshine”.  I have been singing that song to my little girl (ok so she’s 17 and headed to college in the fall) since she was a baby.  It’s one of my favorites.  My son….well I’m making his card because that just would have been too good to be true had I found three cards totally fitting. Aren’t you glad I finally got to the singing/paper connection?  Whew. That was long winded!!!!!


My hubby got some chocolates from Whole Foods that I wrapped up all pretty. ( remember I love paper!  Oh and tape, did I mention I love tape ?  Ever since I was a kid… What kid doesn’t love tape?  It’s a great invention!)


So off my hubby went to work for a few days and I sent this along with him .  When he comes home he will find on our bed this little beauty .  Isn’t she cute? ( got her for a steal at Nordstrom Rack)


I am beyond blessed to have a family to love and that loves me back..even if I do sing in the car.  Today I give thanks to God for loving me and my family bigger and greater than any love I have known.  I mean he gave up his very own Son, so that I may live an eternal life.  Now that, that is love.  Maybe even the best love story of all.

Happy Valentine’s day to you and yours.  Now go, give those kids a kiss and a hug…and maybe sing (loud) in the car for their pure enjoyment, and yours!


We love because he first loved us.  1 John 4:19

Sweets for my Sweethearts


Valentines is easy for me because I have a house full of boys!  All they want for Valentines is something sweet to eat!  Lucky for me I know just what to get this year.  I went to my favorite sweet shop in town…

Sweet Necessities


I love this place and so does my hubby and kiddos.


They have the best chocolate covered salted caramels and for Valentine’s Day they shaped them into hearts.

DSC_0009   DSC_0010

One of my hubby’s favorites are the chocolate peanut butter cups so I had to get some of those.  They package them up so cute.  I had to add the heart cut out on top for a little something extra.

DSC_0017   DSC_0024

While I was there I saw the cutest candy kabobs and chocolate football sucker

 I couldn’t resist I know my kids would love them. What do you guys get for your sweethearts?  I’d love to hear your ideas?

Happy Valentine’s Day,