I’ve been doing the Bible study


Navigating a Life Interrupted

by: Priscilla Shirer


It’s about life’s interruptions that we weren’t planning on and that are unexpected. Well, I said “sign me up!” This topic is so relevant for me right now I couldn’t wait to dive in.

I’ve been struggling with life’s little interruptions that have been happening since we have been home from the hospital.  I have more I’d love to share with you about this subject and I hope to post about it soon.

But, today I want to talk about God’s unending

GRACE. Continue reading

A “Joyful” Season


I’m so grateful that our life is always changing and that we’re not stuck in the same season all the time.  Life will always throw us curve balls, but we learn to adapt, change and grow, even though I’m still struggling with grief.  With the loss of what was and the worry of the future (I know in the Bible it says not to worry, believe me I’m still working on that.) However, even with all this struggle, I’m still finding so much JOY. Continue reading

The Art of Thankfulness


I like to think of thankfulness as an art form.  Something I continually work on and strive for.  To be honest, it’s not something that comes naturally to me. It’s a state of mind I’m working on. Continue reading

Beau’s Homecoming

August 18th Beau was officially discharged from the hospital!

Just before we left the hospital to come home

(This picture is taken just before we left the hospital to come home. Beau is pretending to be sad. He ALWAYS is trying to make silly faces when he gets his picture taken.  little stinker!)

I’ve had such a hard time making myself sit down and write this.  I have so much I want to say, but it comes with so many emotions.  And to be honest, I also struggle with wanting to open up and share with you and balance keeping our lives protected and private. Continue reading