I am a planner, but a short term, six months out , kind of planner.  I’m not a long term planner.  Like year out family vacations, nope, I don’t do that.   Preparing my heart and head for dropping my first-born at college, nope not that either.  Yes mama’s of junior and seniors in high school, start preparing your hearts a good year out.  Or is that really like telling someone to prepare for childbirth?  We don’t know what it’s like until we are in it, it’s just too hard to explain. Besides, you have to go through it anyway so why scare you with the details? BUT there is one thing I am planning for.  One I am longing for, more than any long waited vacation.  My eternity.  Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth and the life” (john 14:5). Those who follow me will have eternal life. (john 5:24). I carry this faith with me everyday.  It is definitely what I know for sure.  When things are not going my way or I am feeling overwhelmed and full of ups and downs I return to what I know for sure.  God IS good, I am his and he is mine.  I know what my future holds with him.  It holds everlasting life.  A reunion with those gone before me.  Things I have not seen and I have not heard.  Things I cannot even imagine. (1 Cor 2:9).  Light that does not go dark. (Rev 22:5).  So while this world will pass away, my inheritance is in the Lord.  He is good, sovereign and just.  He is everything this world isn’t.  Best of all, he is there to guide and carry me through this world until we meet again.  This is what I know for sure.


(Shh. I think I stole that last line from Ang.  Then again I think she stole it from Oprah so double shhh)



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