Beau’s Homecoming

August 18th Beau was officially discharged from the hospital!

Just before we left the hospital to come home

(This picture is taken just before we left the hospital to come home. Beau is pretending to be sad. He ALWAYS is trying to make silly faces when he gets his picture taken.  little stinker!)

I’ve had such a hard time making myself sit down and write this.  I have so much I want to say, but it comes with so many emotions.  And to be honest, I also struggle with wanting to open up and share with you and balance keeping our lives protected and private.

I decided it was important to me to let everyone know how grateful we are for everyone who supported and lifted us up in prayer.  I hope I can do my feelings justice with the written word.



Our amazing community put on a parade for Beau.  People lined the streets wearing pink and holding up posters.  There were cheerleaders cheering for him with pink pom poms.  His football team moved practice so they could be there.  It was so BEAUtiful! It brought me joyous tears many times.  To have Beau actually see how many people love him and have been praying for him was truly a blessing.



Beau was surprised with the fire truck waiting to take him home.  Though the surprise was almost spoiled by one of the nurses letting it slip. We did manage to covered our tracks by letting him think one of the other kids was going home in the truck.  Once he found out it was him he was so happy!  Two of the first responders at the scene of his accident were able to be the ones to take him home.  I think that it meant as much to me as it did to the firefighters.

first day of school

(first day of school)

Beau continues to improve mentally and physically everyday.  It’s been a lot slower process than I first imagined.  He has physical therapy three times a week and occupational therapy twice a week.  His grafted skin sites, while healing, continually contracts and stiffens.  It’s daily work to for him to stretch and straighten up when he walks.  His feet continue to bother him and hurt with a lot of activity.  We are hoping that will also get better with time.


(working hard stretching his stomach and arm pit at therapy)

showing us how tall he can stand

(showing us how tall he can stand, we keep joking with him if he stands up straight he would be taller than his therapist.)

I think now that I’m home I feel more emotional. Now that I know he’s going to be ok gives me more time to reflect.  I struggle the same way I think everyone does when faced with difficulty with the “what if’s and the how comes.”  It’s so hard for me to wrap my brain around the accident and to see my ten year old boy struggle with it.

trying to sneak up on us to through a water ballon at us.

(Beau’s not going to miss out on a water balloon fight. Here he is trying to sneak up on someone.)

When I get to the point where none of it makes sense.  I recite to myself the things I know to be truth.

♦ God gives us free will

♦ We live in a fallen world where satan is as real as God

♦ God can make good come out of bad

♦He is the creator of love and all things good

♦ God pours blessings over us


A way God blesses us is through the love and support of others.  Our family has been showered with so many blessings through this tragedy.  In so many ways and with so much abundance it’s hard to comprehend.  Although we only asked for prayers, we were shown so much love by friends, family and strangers. Many brought us meals at the hospital, numerous fundraisers, monetary donations, cards, Facebook messages, and posters that were so uplifting to read. An old friend from high school donated the use of their house for those first couple weeks when we had no idea where to sleep. Many others offered their homes for us to come and sleep as well.  Ryan’s work community came together and rented us an apartment fully furnished for as long as we needed. So many people came to visit, to give us a hug and just sit with us.  Looking back I don’t think a day went by in those 89 days at the hospital that we didn’t have someone stop by.  I could go on and on, please just know I appreciated every single one of them.  Before I ever went through something like this, I had no idea how important these things were.  Helping others in a crisis is one of the most important things you could do for another person.  My life will be forever changed and I will be forever thankful to you all.


John 1:4 In him was life, and that life was the light of men.  I came across this bible verse the other day and I thought it was so fitting on how I was feeling about everyone’s love. I just feel like Gods light was shinning through all of you.  

FullSizeRenderThank you to all who have helped us get through this dark time. Through this trial we have experienced things that are so full of hope and joy with good things to come. Beau is a fighter and I can’t wait to see the amazing things God has planned for his life.


We love you and God Bless,



6 thoughts on “Beau’s Homecoming

  1. Great job Ang!! So proud of you and your family. I know each day comes with its struggles, and you keep amazing me with how well you are doing. I know sometimes it doesn’t always feel this way to you, but it is the truth!!


  2. Angie, your story is only beginning and I can feel the power of the Holy Spirit move through your words! It is hard to hear that Beau is still in pain and struggling but refreshing to know that he is doing sooo much better and he gets to be home with all of you! I love you all very much and still lift you up in prayer daily! You have incredible Faith and are a living testimony to the grace of Jesus!
    “For by grace you have been saved through faith,” Ephesians 2:8
    I love you and hope the best for you all!


  3. I too had a hard time reading thru the tears, and the pain I know you, Beau and your whole family endured. It was heartbreaking to see what you were going thru. You have always been one of my favorite young lady…..since the days of Westwood. I had a hard time knowing such a wonderful, caring, creative, loving mom had to live thru this. Yet, as so many others — you were in my thoughts and prayers daily….and read so many gifts of thoughts of God being in your lives and so many others. This has changed so many people for the good. God Bless and keep you Always Angela….you are loved and admired by so many. linda wise


  4. Angela that was beautiful. Thank you for sharing your feelings. It was a precious gift. May God continue to bless you and your family. We love you. June and Glen Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2015 03:00:02 +0000 To:


  5. Awesome post Angie-I had a hard time reading it all because I couldn’t see through my tears. Your family has that Light shining through each one of you. I am proud to be part of such and amazing community and proud to call you my friend! Love You, Patty

    Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2015 03:00:02 +0000 To:



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