Believing in the Power of Prayer, part two

Oh wow!  Did it take me long enough to get to part two?  It’s been a crazy busy summer to say the least!  I’m also not so good at blogging on my own, but Ang has bigger fish to fry than helping me blog.  I miss her tons and can’t wait until we get to blog together again!  So here it goes, my attempt at the rest of the story.  Thanks for your patience friends!

As it turned out, I was right.  There was no sign of breast cancer that showed up on the mammogram on the previous Friday.  Many are skeptical and say that, “They probably just got yours mixed up with someone else’s “.  That person has probably never seen an old school mammo.  It has your name on the top and looks similar to an exray.  And I was there and saw all the pics she took.  I watched her every move because I was incredibly curious to get to the end of this.  There was no mix up at all.  Friday I had a lump on my breast and Monday I didn’t.  All those prayers for healing I asked for….God heard them.  My mom prayed similar prayers , I am guessing.  Afterall she knew Christ, she read her Bible, she talked Bible and I know she prayed.  But she didn’t pray with us about her needs. That’s really ok, because we all have to do what we have to do to get through things, I never walked in her shoes and I actually did the same thing.  I didn’t ask Madi who was old enough to pray to pray for me.  Something I need to keep in mind for my kids for the future.  Let them in on the big stuff, so they can see when God does , the big stuff.  Through the last 9 weeks, I have talked to my kids about all of Beau’s advancements and his needs in prayer.  We have prayed together, we have prayed seperately.  God hears them all.  They have seen Beau, had visits so they can personally see his needs and hopefully they take them to prayer like I do.  Maybe I need to remind them.  I mean if you are going to nag your kids about something, shouldn’t it be worthwhile?  Remind them that their relationship with Christ is the most important relationship of all.  That if they have Christ, they have everything.  No I didn’t say life would be easy.  But when you have Christ to lean on, and you give him your worries, you are free of them.

So where was I?  Yes, my mammo came back negative!  NO BREAST CANCER!!! So then we waited and we prayed some more.  Our prayers continued to be for complete healing.  That next week was full of amazing answer to many prayers.  My blood work improved, my lung biopsy came back negative and my lung exray had residual scar tissue of something that had been there that was no longer!  DID YOU READ THAT???? RESIDUAL SCAR TISSUE OF SOMETHING THAT HAD BEEN THERE THAT WAS NO LONGER!!!!   I had been COMPLETELY HEALED!!!  God is so good!!!  He heard my prayers, he listened when we called on him and I was elated to say the least.  I was going to watch  my kids grow up, I was going to continue to be a wife to my ever supportive husband and I was going back to work with a heart filled with JOY, HOPE and a story to share.

 Remember back to the beginning of the story?  I was kinda angry that things weren’t going “our way”?  Doug was about to lose his job and I was going back to work full time.  I was not happy about it.  But this…this whole long drawn out story….changed my perspective beyond belief.  Why did God chose to take my mom but save my life?  One’s person’s prayers don’t out do anothers.  God’s plan for each of us was decided before we were born. Our days are already numbered and I believe his plan is perfect.  But I will tell you this.  While God took my mom early, and while it didn’t seem very fair, it did come with peace.  He carried me then. He got our family through and because of the faith my  mom instilled in me, I went to him to comfort me when I grieved her.  He brought comfort to my heart when no other could.  My faith was building and preparing me for my life ahead of me. Maybe that was my mom’s prayer? To have children of faith so they would have a relationship with God?  I don’t know, but I do now that I am a mom, and that is my prayer.  With God all things are possible.  Including a minor interruption of unemployment.  He had this little thing too.

Last week Beau had a pretty exciting visitor,  Seahawk’s wide receiver Doug Baldwin.  He did the usual PR thingy and signed a football and t-shirt and had words of encouragement about hard work and rehabilitaion.   I was thinking how cool is this he took time out of his day for Beau. Then he moved me…to tears.  He pulled out one of those stretchy bracelets, you know the fundraiser kind.  It says Seahawks on it with a number 89 (Doug’s number).  NO, that didn’t bring me to tears silly, it’s what he said.  He told Beau his favorite part of the bracelet is what is engraved on the inside….Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  He told Beau whenever he had the thought he couldn’t do something, that he looked at that bracelet and it reminded him of that verse.  I didn’t know Doug was a man of God so this kinda took me by surprise.  It gave me hope for the world we live in and who are kids look up to as athletes.  I am thankful for people like him who can see past their own success to encourage others because of the position God has blessed them with.  In the same way, God has blessed me and I am encouraged by Beau’s courage to share my story and his that others may be blessed or find faith and hope where they thought was none.


I was looking in Philippians in my mom’s Bible, that I don’s use often, and found this she had underlined.

Be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication (humbly or earnestly asking) with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.  Philippians 4:6

Today, just like all the yesterdays, I get to thank our Heavenly Father for giving me one more day as a wife and a mom.  I am beyond blessed!  Keep on prayin’ peeps!  He loves you!  heidi


One thought on “Believing in the Power of Prayer, part two

  1. I’m consistent impressed by you and even more thankful that God brought you into my life as one of my dearest friends. Thank you for the reminder that God is bigger then our biggest worry, fight or struggle. Our God is good….ALL THE TIME!!



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