Beau’s Beautiful Heart

Today is the 4th of July, Happy 239th  Birthday America!  It’s supposed to be a day of picnics and fireworks.  Family games, activities and parades.  But as it is Beau’s 6 week in ICU, it’s a little different for Beau and his family.  His brothers went camping with family friends, Ang and Ryan continue to take watch over Beau.  So today the kids and I headed up to see the little guy and check in on him.  When I was visiting yesterday he asked for my son,Jake,  Jakey, or Jakey-poo, as Beau calls him.  He wanted him there to hold his hand, he asked multiple times and all it took was teary eyes for me to say, ” of course we will be back tomorrow”.  So my daughter, Madi, Jake and I headed to the hospital this morning.  We arrived when he got out of wound care.  Something that he endures almost daily under light anesthesia.  I don’t know the details , but it’s not a comfortable situation, at all.  So we were happy to be there when he returned to his room as he was waking up.  He was excited to see his Jakey-poo.  He asked if Jake could hold his hand for awhile, and of course he did and even helped bandaging post wound care.  I think the nurses were a little excited to have Jake’s help.  They were ready to sign him on for a 12 hour shift.  Those nurses are so amazing, patient and loving.  Thanks are not enough for loving on and caring for our Beau-Beau.


Kids are already pretty honest , but put them under anethesia and they lose any filter they may have had.  Their personality comes out in full force. For Beau today it was like his little personality was on steroids.  He was in full Beau form, but a soft Beau.  I know, I sound like I’m not making any sense, let me explain.  Beau’s heart from the minute he was wheeled in his room was so sweet and soft.  He already has a sweet love for Jake like no other little kid I know. For instance when we give Beau hand-me-downs, he asks Ang  not to wash them because, “they smell like Jakey”.. When Jake was in the room today , no one else had a name, no one else mattered.  And although my 13 year old didn’t express it, he loves the fact that Beau-Beau looks up to him.  But today I think Jake was looking up to Beau.  Beau was the big kid today.  He was the one setting the example.  It was like he took a Miss Manner’s course on ” How to be the Perfect Host while in ICU”. He was concerned that Jake may need a pillow while holding his hand.  He wanted to know if he wanted a chair.  He even asked Madi and Jake if they wanted a popcicle.  But my favorite was him apologizing after he had to throw up, more than once.  Wow, really?  A 10 year old that concerned about others?  Who is this kid?  Who is this little man inside a 10 year old’s burned body.  Did the burn cause him to grow up that fast?  I know that this whole experiece is changing Beau daily but this was just of glimpse of the work God is doing.  The man he is growing him up to be right before our very eyes.  I am still in shock over his continual concern of other’s welfare.  At one point he started a game with Jake, i think he was breaking the silence that often came over the room when we couldn’t think of anything to say.  He said, “You’re the best Jakey”, and it sparked a game of “Oh no, you are Beau, OH no you are Jakey” back and forth , back and forth they played.  All prompted from a kid who has too many worries and yet is thinking of others.  Pastor Greg is often saying the important stuff is happening down the hall in kids church, that’s what really matters in this building…Growing up the hearts of kids, hearts that follow that of Christ.  Well he isn’t kidding, because even though Beau is only 10 we have learned so much from him and i think this is only the beginning.  Obviously Beau’s experience at kid’s church has been exactly that.  His heart is like that of our Savior.  We have an awesome staff at our small town’s church that we love so.  Thanks Pastor Zack and all the staff at MRCC for loving on our kiddos and showing them who Christ is.  Because of your dedication our kids know Christ.  Thank you.

So Beau, I appreciate your honesty, your sensitivity and your love.  I will even take the comments about my wrinkles and my bald spot?  ( WHAT I HAVE A BALD SPOT? )  Because I appreciate the kiddo you are.  YOU ARE AMAZING!  I love you little man!


5 thoughts on “Beau’s Beautiful Heart

  1. I love the honesty, the compassion, the love of Christ in action! Thank you for this post to help us connect with the boy we have been thinking of and praying for. Praise God for his family, friends, church, community, Dr.’s and nurses!

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  2. Thank you for sharing your life with this community and you give all of us strength we appreciate all the post and progress we get to witness.

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  3. I am in Door County Wisconsin with our ten year old twin grandkids, A&W. It will be one year on July 12 that their mom died from cancer and is now with Jesus. She showed them who Christ is. Like Beau we watch to see God’s hand in their young lives. We continue to pray for all of you.

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