A Father’s Love

imageAng and I sometimes talk about our husbands, like most friends do.  A few months ago I was telling her how I am so impressed with Ryan’s character and the man he is.  Little did I know I really hadn’t seen his true man/ dad/husband shine until now.  The last month has been nothing short of heartbreaking.  Gut wrenching.  Frustrating. Sorrow filled.  Emotional.  Trying.  Sucker punching.  Face slapping.  JUST PLAIN ICKY.  But Ryan, Ryan has come through and taken a stand for his family.  He has been nothing short of a pillar.  He is calm, cool and collected.  He is sad but doesn’t let it consume him.  He is steadfast.  He is loving.  He is full of hope and positive responses.  The first days in the hospital, he automatically knew how to talk to Beau when all I could do was stare in shock not knowing what to say.  Ryan just knew.  His voice is calm and reassuring.  His spirit is peaceful not anxious.  These are things you cannot fake especially in times like these. This is where the rubber meets the road and true love is tested.  I’m not quite sure why I am surprised at his actions, he’s a great guy, but this is big.  This is something different.  Something that happens when a whole community of people are praying for a boy and his family.  God has blessed them time and time again in this huge valley they are in.  God is good he is bringing joy and hope.  He is bringing them strength and peace.  But on this Father’s Day I can’t think of any way than to honor our Heavenly Father more than thanking him for giving Ang such a wonderful husband to walk with.  She and Beau, Wyatt and Levi are all blessed to have such an awesome husband and dad.  Kuddos Ryan, you are what heroes are made of, Happy Father’s Day.




Happy Father’s Day!  Love,   http___signatures.mylivesignature.com_54493_73_C37B42E288E365E34444F4B285200E56

6 thoughts on “A Father’s Love

  1. What a beautiful dedication to a great dad in your life! Thank you for sharing this. It touched my heart. I love reading about hard-working, loyal, loving fathers. Have a wonderful, relaxing Fathers’ Day!

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