Urgent Prayer, the Heart of a Mama, part 2

I’ve been waking up consistently in the middle of the night, usually in the 2 o’clock hour.  Beau is the first thing on my mind so I lay in bed and pray.  Then I pray a little more. A few times I’ve sent Ang the prayer I’ve been praying so she knows I’m here even though I’m an hour away.  Just knowing someone is taking over prayer while you sleep, maybe it’s a comfort.  It’s hard to know how to comfort even those you are very close to in times like these.


But today’s wake up was a little different. I woke to helicopters flying over and again and in the dark of my room fear crept in.  “Oh God , please be with whomever is in the helicopter tonight.  Please let it be the Sheriff, hovering and praying over our community not another ride to Harborview.  Be with whomever needs you in this dark hour.”  Then it took me back to a time when I was in a deep valley.  I was 17 and my mom had just died.  She had breast cancer and was only 40.  It was all my family, now of three, could do to function I daily life and I was very much into myself and my own feelings, not worried about those around me.  Until about 30-ish days later, when God opened my eyes and reminded me , it’s not all about me, people are hurting everywhere.  You see a woman in our church family, who had children the same age as my brother and I, her husband beat her to death with a baseball bat.  It shook me, it woke up and made me alert to the outside world revolving in spite of my world that had come to a complete halt.  These kids were now just like me , motherless.  I was 30 days ahead of them in the grief process and so my heart ached. Not only for what I knew they had ahead of them but for the fact that their story was SO brutal. Their moms story was so brutal.  But some 29…. Wow twenty-nine….I have to let that soak in a minute because some days it feels like 29 days ago… But yes some 29 years ago God had some amazing plans in store.  That woman’s son, Dean started a ministry because of it all. You see through prayer and God’s divine intervention, he forgave his step dad.  He even made a movie about it and has his whole ministry based around it.  It’s pretty amazing. You see God is a miracle worker, he really is.  Only God can change a heart broken so big.  You can learn all about his ministry here ……Dean, Live to Forgive Ministries.

Where was I going with all of this? Well I did start off with a point, I think.  You see right next door to Beau’s room, who also happens to be his neighbor in our small town, he is a man also in need of prayer.  Mark is dad, a husband, a provider to his family.  He has a collapsed lung, broken ribs, broken clavicle.  His wife and his boys are hurting and need prayer.  And we need to pray, we need to be shaken awake and reminded of all the hurt not only in that hospital from Enumclaw but from all over the state.  Pop out heads out from the valley we are in and see what else needs prayer. I mean if we are waking at 2:30 to pray anyway shouldn’t we just include everyone?  Sitting in the waiting room at the hospital, just look around.  There is a whole room of people in need of prayer.  Dean’s niece, Ahmie battles cancer daily and she needs prayer.  It might all feel too big, too heavy, like it’s too much to take on.  But it’s not.  I found a saying the other day and I can’t stop looking it over….God doesn’t give us what we can handle, he helps us handle what we can’t get through.

1 Corinthians 12:26  If one member suffers, we all suffer with them.  And if one member is honored, all the members are glad.

But as our hearts ache, as we all have the heart of a suffering mama, let’s take that ache to prayer.  God is good, he heals and he works in his timing, let us trust in that.



4 thoughts on “Urgent Prayer, the Heart of a Mama, part 2

  1. thank you Heidi for the reminder to pray – morning noon and in the darkness of night when God wakes us…. For Beau, his friends and family – Carter – Mark and families Lord for their needs! Thank you, Jesus!


  2. Oh , Heid…. That was beautiful and honest and challenging and wise and totally tugged at my heart. No mystery why you and Ang felt prompted to start this blog when you did…He’s already using this tragedy – and you in a mighty way. You’re precious. Thank you for the perspective. I had that exact verse to send you today! No coincidence. We will pray continuously — and thank Him for blessings we find in the middle of the journey. 😘❤️


  3. Good reminder, Heidi, that God wants to use us wherever He has us, and not just for our own good. There are so many things that need prayer support, and you and your family have been added to my list. God bless you, sweet lady, as you trust Him to bring you through this.


  4. Well said Heidi! That’s what we all need to do. Keep praying and paying attention to others around us.



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