Urgent Prayer for Beau, the Heart of a Mom

imageThe last few days I have been pondering writing about prayer.  I knew today I was going to post it but not sure what to write, so I kinda put it off.  I can’t put it off any longer.  Just an hour ago I got a text….Beau has an infection and is need of URGENT PRAYER, it’s VERY serious.  As Christians we carry our faith knowing no matter how big the mountain seems, God has this.  No matter how big the infection, God has this.  No matter how big the hurt….yes, God has this too.   As a mom my heart just aches.  I think it’s easy to say every mom out there would gladly take the place of their child in pain.  I would take Beau’s place.  I adore that little boy and would take away the pain if i could.   But we can’t so we pray.  We trust in God , the almighty healer to come and heal his little body.  We pray for a miracle that stuns doctors and nurses alike….make those who have “seen it all”, see something that is nothing short of a miracle from God.  Even little Beau knows this is what we do, his spirit knows.  His first words to his dad were, “Dad, I’m strong but dad, will  you pray with me?”  That is what we are trained to do as Christians,, call on God automatically.  That’s just what Beau did.  So now I ask you, that you might pray for Beau, prayers for complete healing.  While we don’t know the details at this point, that’s ok because our Heavenly Father knows his needs.  He knows what to heal.  Prayer might be out of your comfort zone, just talk to God like you would a friend.  Speak your heart, let him hear your needs and your worries.

Psalm 102:1-3  :Lord, hear my prayer! Listen to my plea!  Don’t turn away from me in my time of distress. Bend down to listen, and answer me quickly when I call to you.

Whenever I ask what we can do the whole family says just pray.  From day one, just over a week ago.  Just pray.  In fact it was the first text I got from Ang, “Please pray and call my mom.”  So please , honor my friend’s request and give them what they need most.  We pray for complete healing of Beau’s body and soul, healing and strength for the entire family.  We pray for a miracle in this time of incredible need oh God.  Hear our prayers and come lay your healing hand on Beau.

So grab your kids, your friends sit down and pray.  The family thanks you.




18 thoughts on “Urgent Prayer for Beau, the Heart of a Mom

  1. Father god bless and heal Beaue make him all better in your name thank you god thank you Jesus we need a merical in healing amem


  2. I am definitely praying for Beau and your whole family. And I will pray with faith, that God, who formed us perfectly, will heal his body. I pray in Jesus’ Precious name, Amen. Hold on to His promises.


  3. I send prayers and love out to Beau and his family during this difficult and heart breaking time. I pray that God will watch over him and take care of him. Heal him. And give his family strength. In Jesus name. Amen.


  4. I’m not normally a praying man. However, one cannot help but feel the need to pray for Beau. No ten year old boy should be going through this.
    I pray for Beau and the entire Ward family for the strength to keep their faith, even during the worst possible time – strength of faith and strength of love.
    I will be praying with you – for you and, most importantly, for Beau. May He perform his miracles yet again. A little boy needs you.


  5. Dear lord place your hands over this child displace his pain calm his soul as this child has opened the door to your house, through this misfortune, you have awakened the community the congragation the faith. Many who have forgotten the strength of prayer or how to pray or believe our lord could let this happen to one of his lambs. Beau is lucky to have a wonderful circle of loving and concerned people in his life. Lord please save this child remove the infection from his body as i know you have healing powers to make a blind man see and a cripple walk. We pray not for ourselves, but for this child. Amen


  6. Lord, we know that you, indeed, have this. Nothing is beyond Your power to handle. But we also know that prayer invites Your presence and praise invites Your power, so we lift up Beau to you, entreating your total healing of this infection, and praising You in advance for the work You are now doing, and will be doing on his behalf! Sovereign Lord, we hold up this family to you, for your comfort, peace, and strength, and we also lift up the medical staff for wisdom, for discernment of the best treatment. May You show up in a miraculous way that Your Son may be glorified in this situation. We praise and thank You in the Name of Jesus, our Healer and Soon Coming King. Amen.


  7. Dear Heavenly Father ,
    We lift up this amazing young man you have given him so many special talents , he lights up any room with his beautiful smile … He is a fighter … Lord heal this little angle , you have done so many miricles , beau has a purpose take and heal his infection. lord I pray for comfort for his mamma and dad his hole family. Stay sting beau ” who ha enumclaw ” fight beau fight ” were behind you bud . Your friends Kelton , hunter shearer and family !


  8. When we are our weakest our Almighty God is stongest in us. We would indeed, each of us parents stand in the place of our children going through such suffering and that is exactly what our Lord Jesus did. He took his place on the cross for this suffering and for this healing and I pray for little Beau to manifest this miracle. Thank you Lord that he will be restored to perfect health.


  9. My family and I have been praying often for Beau, and extra hard today. Thank you for sharing about prayer, very beautiful words.


  10. You are not alone. We are in constant prayer for complete healing awaiting good news. We will continue to pray until we hear from you. We love and bless you all. We are here if you need anything ♡♡♡


  11. Dear Heavenly Father I come to you now Lord and ask that you place your healing hands on Beau and release this infection from his body. Father please wrap your arms around this family give them strength that they can remain strong for Beau, comfort them Lord and give them peace, lord I ask you this in Jesus name I pray Amen

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