Prayers for Beau

imageMy sweet friend Angie and I started a blog just a few months ago.  It’s something we have talked about for some time and finally just stepped out there and did it.  Ang is awesome at crafting and I love cooking.  So it seemed and easy.  It seemed natural.  But today’s post isn’t easy and it isn’t natural.  It’s heart wrenching.  It’s not something I want to post.  But I need to…  I am writing so many will pray.  Friday afternoon Angie’s youngest son Beau, 10, was involved in an accident along with a friend Carter. Carter did suffer from some burns and he is at home resting but is in need of prayer.   Beau was burned over 60% of his body.  I told you this was going to be heart wrenching.  It’s so hard to even begin to tell you the heartache, grief, fear and emotional turmoil involved for the family, friends and our small town.  We have a wonderful friend who wrote the most beautiful post about that night when we all gathered around Ang in prayer.  She continued to say what we are called to do as Christians and how to handle tragedy and fear.  With her permission, I am reposting her beautifully written post as maybe it can bring you comfort too.  Thanks Lu, you are the kind of friend everyone wants by their side in life.


While I don’t typically post my feelings & experiences through Facebook, today I feel called to share.

What do you do when pain & suffering plow their way into your life?

Our dear & sweet friends, Angela & Ryan’s, 10 yr old son Beau, was severely burned on Friday, May 22. He is currently in critical condition at Harborview Medical Center, Seattle. Along with 3 friends, I went to the hospital until 3:00 AM Saturday morning. We prayed, HUGGED, reminisced, cried, laughed a tiny bit, HUGGED some more, went into Beau’s room & prayed over him, moments of silence, HUGGED again, remained present to the family.

Beau & his family came into our lives many years ago through MOPS. I had the privilege of babysitting Beau & his brothers, Wyatt & Levi, & became close friends with their momma-Angela. The extended family-The Thomassons’ are quite large (okay not quite as large as mine-as I have 9 children). They are a family you fall in love with right away. The Thomasson’s have a way of making you feel like a part of the family & possess an incredible way of pouring love upon all they meet.

So when terrible accidents, tragedy, & pain happens to someone so close, your heart sinks & you instinctively want to do something; to help, to comfort & be present. All of us at some point in our lives have experienced or will experience pain & suffering. The question is how do we handle it?

For me its 3 words:
PRAY to God for guidance, mercy, grace & love.
PRAISE to God for his steadfast loving hand & presence in the center of the situation.
PATIENCE to allow God to enter fully into every tiny detail.

You see, it’s having FAITH in God as he PROVIDES MIRACLES- Not always the way we think the though. He renews our hearts, heals our wounds & allows us to move forward-drawing closer to him.

FAITH is being sure of what you hope for & certain of what you do not see. Heb 11:1
PROVIDES-“And my God will supply every need of yours, according to his riches in glory in Jesus Christ” Phil 4:19
MIRACLES- “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” Phil 4:13

While we wait in endless hope for Beau’s complete recovery, his mighty angels here on earth are at work.

Here are just a few examples of the outward sign of Gods hand at work:
* 2 sweet angels cleaned the Wards home for them.
* Someone offered the use of their condo near the hospital for Angela, Ryan & the family to get some much needed sleep.
* The “Pray 4 Beau” football pictures of Beau-His brother Levi said they were going to hang it on the ceiling above Beaus hospital bed.
* The “Pray 4 Beau N Carter” sign in the fence at JJ.
* The “Pray 4 Beau” Facebook page.
* The Snacks/dinner at the hospital from individuals, couples & groups of friends.
* The girls EHS water polo poster-signed with encouraging words.
* Enumclaw Village Page set up to make Frozen meals for the family.
* Mt Rainier Christian Centers continuous support & give updates.

Are you getting a picture? It never ceases to amaze me that our sweet community of Enumclaw & the greater community has unselfishly, without being asked, jumped in with both feet & showered abundant love upon, Beau, Angela & Ryan & all of the family & friends.

In speaking with Cathy Thomasson(-Beaus’ Grandma) last night at the hospital, she wants everyone to know how incredibly grateful all of them are for all of your unbelievable love, prayers & support.

Aren’t Lu’s words amazing?  God is using her to speak to so many, thanks for being the vessel Lu.  Thanks for being a daughter of Christ and speaking his words to others.  He is proud of you.



We will help Beau and his family get through this because that is what friends do.  I miss my blogging buddy so much and one day soon we will have “work” days together again.  In the mean time, I am here for you Ang, we are here as a community.  And when you take a break from prayer to care for your son, know that your friends are all praying when you can’t.

I Love you,  xo heidi

So how can you help?  As a community tonight we are getting together for a prayer service.  It’s for Beau, Carter the boy who was with him who is at home resting and doing well but needs prayer.  It’s also for another member of our community Mark.  Two days after Beau and Carter’s accident, Mark fell from his roof and was airlifted the same hospital and is in ICU next to Beau’s room. Yes, the very next room, how awesome is that?  I heard someone say, “Of course they are in rooms next to each other.  God did that because that is just what a friend would do.”


To help the Ward family ease the financial burdens their are two sites you can donate at.  See the links below.  yes that is the name of the site!  REALLY?  GIVE FOR WARD!  not just Beau’s personal website but THE website.

Also tomorrow kids in the community are wearing Beau’s favorite color to school.  HOT PINK!  So in support of Beau let’s get the whole town, or if you aren’t local get your whole town to wear HOT PINK in support of Beau.

There are so many other cool things going on and God is working big, it’s seen everyday and we will keep you posted.  Thanks for your continued prayer and as Ang would end her post…..Thanks for stopping by!




9 thoughts on “Prayers for Beau

  1. Almighty God, hear my prayers…, who knows that beautiful soul that is Beau, please bless his body with the gift of your healing touch, allow us to enjoy him, to witness the amazing adult he will become. Please my Lord God make him whole again. I ask this in your name Father…… please hear my prayer……. my love …..Amen


  2. I recently read about another young boy who had serious burns from a firework explosion (July 2014). He’s almost a year down the road of recovery. His parents were able to do a lot of natural remedies under the Doctor’s supervision. So it might be worth looking at their story, see if anything hits you in the gut to research and use.

    Hugs! A mom would take their place in a heart beat! Prayers coming your way.


  3. Prayers for Beau and his friends and family. A gentle reminder that life is fragile, what we are going through usually doesn’t compare to those suffer real loss and tragedy, remember to tell your loved one’s daily how much you love them.


  4. Though I’m not able to participate in tonight’s prayer vigil, please know that I’m truly there in Spirit. I’m in Arizona for my granddaughters graduation today and and as I was watching and listening to the speaker, I was thinking of all of you. My prayers and healing thoughts continue for all of you. The people and family here have you in their prayers also. I will be back soon, and plan to help as much as I can.


  5. Sending prayers from Ellensburg. I am keeping you all on my prayer list. May God heal Beau and Carter, completely. God bless you all!


  6. Thank you for sharing Heidi. Praying without ceasing for a total restoration of heath for Beau and Carter. Lifting the Ward/Thomasson clan up and thanking Jesus for the miracles he has already worked.


  7. Beautiful Heidi…..a post born not only out of heartache and pain, but the beauty of friendship and family that is the foundation. These 3 and their families are constantly on my mind – so many are saying that. I just smile to think that God whispers our names to others to pray….He’s so awesome. And so many are doing just that. I’m praying as time goes by we continue to listen to God’s nudges to hold them up in prayer.
    I want to pray with you and others tonight and get some good hugs in too…but it’s the high school soccer banquet so I’ll go honor my son first and stop by if anyone is still there after.
    Praying for their family and close friends like you as well – to be held in his peace and strength. Xoxo Dee


  8. We all are sending healing thoughts. To know them is to love them. Keep fighting Beau. We are here for you! Love to you all!



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