Happy Monday!

Happy Monday ya’ll ! I hope you had a great weekend celebrating Mother’s Day!  It was a busy weekend around here.  Soccer tryouts for Jake and water polo for Madi.  Then Sunday my dear friend and riding partner Amy and I headed out early.  We had a 7 am departure in mind but it was typical for us and more like 7:30.  We were geared up and ready to ride up to our local ski resort, Crystal Mountain.  It’s an annual tradition for us, this year being our 4th year in a row.  We were feeling a little like our mental state should have been checked before we headed out , neither of us have been riding much at all and not knowing how it would all go.  But we tend to distract ourselves very easily between catching up on our lives and admiring all the beauty around us.




Isn’t that a pretty pic?  We usually don’t stop for pictures, but how could we not?  It was so beautiful out.  I just wish I would have taken a picture of mount Rainier, it was shining in all it’s glory.

So after a few hours of riding…..let’s not get technical on the time, remember we haven’t been training…we hit Crystal Mountain Blvd.  It’s only a 6 mile ride from there…all up hill.  It’s just long and monontonous… and very quiet.  All you hear is birds chirping and you get to smell fresh mountain air.  Doesn’t it sound great?  Well there was a little complaining, I won’t lie.  We also for the 400th time were questioning our sanity.  But finally we made it to the top.  It sure was different than the past four years.  There was no one, ok maybe two, cars in the parking lot.  That never happens, usually it’s hopping with people, but not this year.  No skiiers, no store open, no bathroom open :/ , no gondola running, no taco truck.  So we were most grateful when my husband pulled up with a car full of our kids and some lunch.  The temperature was perfect, no long sleeves needed as we sat in adirondack chairs and ate our lunch.  The bad thing is I was tired, hungry and didn’t take many pics 😦 darn it.  But I did take this one because I could not believe my eyes.



On past Mother’s day rides, this mountain has had snow in the very spot we ate lunch yesterday but this year the snowfall was so small they barely could open the mountain for skiing.  I worry about our little ski resort so close to home, this was not a good year.  We didn’t get up there once to ski and I think it was a financial bust for them to say the least.  But the good news is the gondola will open soon, May 23rd, for summer fun.  You can ride the gondola to the top to eat at the restaurant, hike and take in the beauty of mount rainier.  Go check out their website, Crystal Mountain ,  for more info, let’s keep them busy this summer to help make up for a horrible winter, what do you say?  Day trip with the kids to appreciate the outdoors and all its glory?  Come on up , it’s way prettier than the few pictures i have….but definitely worth the drive!

So we helped pack up lunch and normally we would say our goodbyes, hug our family and ride home.  But this year we rode home, in the car.  Our kids requested it and who are we to deny our children such a small request?  Well….the truth be told, I for one was glad for the request.  Between horrible chip seal on the road and our lack of riding, we quickly obliged them.  We did call ourselves wimps and shamed each other for a few minutes but when we got home we were more than happy to already be there.

Maybe our teenagers are right, we need selfie help.  At least I have spared the virtual world pictures of our spandex.  You are welcome.  Happy Monday!



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