Mother’s Day ~ Full of Camping Memories


I have spent my whole life celebrating Mother’s Day weekend camping at Sun Lake!

ward family 2010 362

It’s one of those family traditions that is so important to all of us.  My dad started going when he was a little kid and we still go to this day.  Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, siblings we all get together for the weekend to fish, swim, golf, play, eat and just enjoy each other.

ward family 2010 350

As I was brain storming about what I wanted to share with you guys about Mother’s Day all I could think about was wanting to tell you all about our tradition of camping every year.  My Love language is “Quality Time.”  So, every year I tell my husband not to buy me anything because I truly feel like going camping with the family is my gift (he never listens and always buys me something anyway).

ward family 2010 355

The memories I have growing up and the memories my kids are making is the best thing I could ask for.  It’s honestly so important to all of us.  Last year my cousin and his daughter drove up from Montana to be with the family for the weekend.

ward family 2010 365

On Sunday morning all the guys make all the moms a big brunch.  Since we have around 40-50 people every year this is quite the ordeal.  It takes a lot of time and planing for them to pull it off.


ward family 2010 373

This is my dad and brother cooking up a lot of meat!

ward family 2010 382

Then when they are all done they dish us up and serve us! Here is My grandparents who started it all!  I miss them and l♥ve them so much!!

ward family 2010 383

Here’s my parents aren’t they cute?

The best gift my mom gave me for Mother’s Day were these memories.  I’m so honored to be able to pass this gift on to my children and my hope is that one day they will pass them on to their children.

Thank you mom for all of the amazing things you’ve done for me and all the great memories!

What are some of your Mother’s Day traditions?  Do you have any fun ideas we can add to our weekend?

Happy Mother’s Day,


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