Hurray, Hurray Today is our First Giveaway!

imageAng and I have been talking about how fun it would be to do giveaways.  But we don’t exactly make much money, ok ANY MONEY from this little blog so we know it would be a hard sell to the husbands. “Hey guys, we wanna dump money onto something not making money, what do you think?”  See it just doesn’t sound good.  But we love our viewers and want to make it fun for you all for following us with little surprises like this. So we were so fortunate when my friend Julianne just offered to give us a chalkboard to give away.  YES, GIVE US!  Isn’t she just the sweetest?  Meet Julianne!


She started chalk boarding by accident when she worked at Starbucks in college. Back when their chalkboards were actual chalkboards. She didn’t do it again for a long time but did a board for a friends business and she was encouraged to pursue it.  Last Christmas she did a few boards on the spot at Tara Martel’s @ bydesignco, Barn Sale.  (For those of you not local, I am sorry because Tara’s sales are so fun! but you can follow her blog!)  One day Julianne had a day off from work and created a Facebook page and she has been busy making chalkboards ever since.  She even has been selling them at Persnickety’s , a local store that has “modern vintage furniture, handcrafted goodness and unique finds.”  You can also find her on Facebook under Something to Chalk About.



I asked Julianne for her best chalkboarding tip.  She said, ” If you like it, try it the beauty of chalk is, it can be erased.”  Good tip Julianne, thanks for encouraging us! Your work is beautiful !




When I saw the board and it said “thankful” I thought how perfect!  Not only am I so incredibly thankful for her donation, Mother’s Day is almost here I am so thankful for all the moms in my life.  They have all encouraged me, loved me and made me a better mom because of who they are.


Thanks Julianne, you are about to make someone happy 🙂

You can win this “THANKFUL” chalkboard  two ways:

1. Go to Facebook, like this post, make a comment tagging two friends who would also like to win and follow us and Something to Chalk About.


2.  Go to Instagram, like our post, make a comment tagging two friends who would like to win and follow us and Something to Chalk About on Instagram.

Good luck to you and your friends!



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