Clothes Pin Cord Tidy

I found this great idea on check it out for a detailed tutorial.  I right away got a hold of Heidi so we could plan a girls craft day :).  Her daughter Madi came over with her to help us out and to visit.  It’s so nice to have a hip teenager around to give us tips and ideas.




washi tape (or any type of decorative tape will work)

clothes pins

hot glue


We needed to trim the washi tape down a little, but other than that it’s pretty self-explanatory.


I really wanted to use the bike tape but after trimming it down to fit you couldn’t tell it was a bike anymore :/.


I have a drawer full of tangled cords that I never know how to organize.  Here is my embarrassing junk drawer picture.


The day after we made these I was packing for a road trip and it was so nice to use them.  Between the 5 of us in our family traveling with all of our different chargers it’s usually quite a mess.



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