Chalk Paint oh how I Love you!

I have a confession, this DIYer has never painted with chalk paint before!!!  For those non DIYers out there don’t be confused with chalk board paint.  This is different it’s not something you write on with chalk.  It has a beautiful velvety, matt finish to it and yes I’m in LOVE! 


I bought the chalk paint at a local gift shop in Sumner, WA at Kristi’s Country Store.  I didn’t know if I would like it, so I bought a sample which was still kind of pricey @ $12.95.  The brand is Annie’s Saloon Chalk Paint, color graphite. To learn more about it visit her website at


The first thing I painted was the light fixture in our guest bathroom.  I added some Edison light bulbs that I bought at Home Depot.  It added just the right style I was looking for. I thought the bulbs were pricey also @ $10.00 a pop.  They better last a long time!


This is the before picture of what the light fixture started out looking like.  I’m in the slow process of redecorating, I had envisioned white walls, metallic gold ceiling, white linens, silver and black accents.


Unfortunately I’m on my 4th coat of paint on the ceiling and it’s not turning out :(.  I can’t get it to cover evenly, and on the ceiling it doesn’t look very metallic gold like it does in the can.  Plan B will consist of ceiling and walls all being white.  Hopefully I’ll be happy with the outcome.


The next thing that caught my eye to paint was this wire basket.  It’s original color was green (sorry no before picture).


I put a brown paper bag in it and plan on using it as my waste basket for next to the toilet.

After I was done painting that my hubby caught me looking around for something else to paint.  He said, “You don’t have to paint everything in the house with chalk paint.”  He knows me so well, because I have a couple of light sconces calling my name :).

I’m hoping next week won’t be so hectic, the kids will be back in school from spring break and I’ll have more time to finish painting the bathroom.  I can’t wait to share with you the finished project.  Writing this post has re-inspired me to get it finished.

Have a great day,



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