Deck Building Project

We have wanted a deck since we moved in our house.  It kinda took us awhile, we moved in over 12 years ago.  But FINALLY last fall, we got around do doing it.  A good friend of the family, Stan, is a retired engineer and was more than happy to let us help him build a deck!  Yes, he is amazing!  He drew up plans to suit our needs and exactly what we were looking for, made a supplies list and then got his hands dirty.  We couldn’t have done it without him…neither Doug nor I are “handy”.  But we do take instruction fairly well 🙂


Here is a before picture.  Now can you see why we wanted a deck so bad?


We left most of the concrete pad, removed the bench and the grass that would be under the deck.



Doug admiring his work.  I helped too, I really did!


Next we dug holes for these pretty little premade cement footings.  They all had to be perfectly even so the deck was not all wonky.  So there was a lot of measuring and such going on.  Also you can see we did tear up some of the concrete, that was super fun!imageWe then filled in the dirt area with landscape fabric and gravel, about 4 truck loads.  I was bummed that I hadn’t been to CrossFit in a few days.  This job cured me of that!  Gravel is HEAVY!  Then we finally got to start laying down some foundation beams.  Also got the foundation of the steps started.


The steps have a lot of angles, so Stan was super busy cutting and measuring, measuring and cutting.  He is a very patient person!


We added some fancy pants lights on the steps that are on a timer. These were a little tricky.  It was just Stan and I this day and we had a few glitches but got it all worked out!  It’s kinda fun they go on at dusk and turn off about 4 hours later.  It’s my favorite part of the deck actually 🙂


We finally finished the framing.  Then the fun began.  After a LOT of discussion, research and shopping around we decided on Trex decking.  There are a lot of color choices but we picked Beach Dune and Tree House. It’s perfect for the PNW weather and is supposed to hold up really well.  Trex decking also has this really cool locking system that is pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it. I did mention that Stan is patient, didn’t I?


We chose two different colors, a little hard to tell in this picture.  But you can see the step lighting that I am so in love with!  Isn’t it pretty?  Oh yes that is a beer, we had a reward at the end of our hard days of work.  Did I mention manual labor is exhausting and you burn a lot of calories?  See our cute pup Pearl checking out our work?


Here you can see a better contrast of the colors.  It’s already getting the rain test, not shocking I know!


There you have it!  Isn’t it pretty? Its finally finished. I am so excited to get some furniture and “decorate” the deck!  This summer is going to be a lot of fun entertaining in our new space!  Maybe we should have a “thank you party” for all the hard work Stan did to get this job done, he is INCREDIBLY patient and a great teacher! We couldn’t have done it without him!  Thanks Stan!

Check back soon for deck decor updates!






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