Picture Day: Part Two

Last week Ang wrote a post about how it was time to update our pictures.  We have been hiding behind our ski goggles long enough!   April Gallagher at https://www.facebook.com/makeupbyaprilgallagher used her amazing skills to make us look better than the “everyday us”.  She does such fantastic work if you need makeup for a special date night, wedding, or prom, check out her page! The day was a little drizzly, typical for the PNW, but we were able to get some good lighting with Heather Boren @ heatherboren.com.  She is a very talented photographer who has good vision and beautiful results.  So we of course wanted pictures on the porch.  We really wanted to post it side by side of the picture of my great grandma Mamie.  How fun is that?  These pictures are a century apart.  So cool to connect with the great grandma I never knew.





We like the house in the background in this one.

It seemed so funny doing headshots, I don’t think I have done that since my wedding pictures!   But that was just a few years ago….hahaha!!!!  Now that we had them done, I love them both.  So if you are a mommy out there, always the one behind the camera, take a few minutes to get pictures of YOU!  One day your kids and grandkids will thank you.

image      image

Thanks April Gallagher and Heather Boren , we love you girls!


*to read more about the house go to this post :  http://wp.me/p5DFZ8-1y



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