Easter Craft ~ Branch Cross



I’m all about free craft projects!  I have been wanting to make some crosses for Easter decorations around my house.  I have tons of branches in my backyard so I went outside with some cutters and gathered up some.


This project was so easy and fast that by the time I was done I had seven!  I think I’ll give a couple away as gifts.  Since I’m not hosting Easter at my house, maybe I bring one for a hostess gift.  I made a couple big ones to put in my urns on my front porch and some little ones to put in the house.  The big ones measured about 2.5 Ft x 15 inches and the littles ones varied in sizes but were around 12 inches x 6 inches.


After I gathered up some branches and cut them to size I just tied some jute around them and tied it off with a knot in the back.  It was as simple as that.  You can get jute at craft supply stores or at your local hardware store.  I already had some lying around so I used what I had.


FullSizeRender-6 IMG_1205

I got an idea to add a little fabric to my cross and I’m still not sure if I love the look.  I asked Heidi what she thought and she said her hubby thought it looked like T.P.  lol!  After he said that I thought  ya, now that you say that it kind of does!  Haha, oh well I just decided to live on the edge and just go with it!  It’s a good reminder to me why we celebrate Easter.

FullSizeRender-5My sister came over and I asked her the same thing, she thought it looked a little over the top. Actually her exact words were “It’s a little crazy!” My sister usually thinks the things I do are a little crazy so I was kind of expecting that.  I really do appreciate their honest opinion.  What do you guys think, yes or no to the fabric?

Enjoy your Easter,


Follow Friday

There are so many bloggers out there, or so Ang and I are finding out!  I have been following this blogger for quite awhile now.  When my husband and I started out on our paleo quest a few years ago we found her wonderful cookbook that has the VERY BEST paleo chocolate chip cookies I have ever had.  I’ve been a follower ever since.  She has a crazy story about her health and how finding the right foods healed her body.  She gave me hope that as a food allergy sufferer I could eat things that tasted amazing and were in my “healthy zone”.  My husband and I followed her posts as she sadly lost a baby last year as well.  She’s an amazing woman who continues to be an inspiration in so many ways.   She came out with another book last year and I use it just as much as the first.  Go check her out and be inspired to eat and and cook healthier for you and your family.  Thanks Danielle Walker, keep on doing what you do! You can also find her on Instagram ! @againstallgrain



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My Favorite New Kitchen Item

I have something new that I am totally in love with.  I didn’t even know how much my cooking life was missing out on until now.  How have I been cooking all these years without it?  Introducing the new love of my kitchen. But shhh, I don’t want my coffee maker to hear, get jealous and quit working.  Just like on bike rides, when Amy and I talk about getting a dreamy new bike, we do it quietly in fear of them retaliating !

Here she is …. The lovely, the beautiful, the shiny (insert Vanna White hands here)….Le Creuset stovetop grill!

Do you see how pretty she is?  I love how the color goes from orange to red, which gets even darker when it heats up.  Maybe you can tell I am a bit obsessed because of all the photos of her glossy coat?  But she is not all beauty , she is a hard worker too.  I crank her up to medium and let her heat up at least 4-5 minutes.  I test it by flicking water droplets on it to make sure she’s ready to work her magic. Chicken and steak have been our favorites, salmon pulls a close second.

imageThis was so easy,  I just put a little olive oil on the chicken and seasoned with a little of my favorite seasonings.  In this case it was some Saudi Kasaba Masala, a curry blend from a trip to Dubai. But DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT add oil to your pan.  This little cast iron, 9.2 pound beauty is already to go without your help!  Doesn’t she do a great job at making pretty little grill marks?  Now can you see why I love her so?  That chicken was so tasty that it’s become a staple at our house.  When I’m in a hurry, I slice the breasts horizontally, to make them cook quicker.

I got my pretty little gem at Williams-Sonoma.  Go check them out they have 5 colors and two sizes.  I promise you, they won’t disappoint!


This is a pic of my little collection, all are in the color FLAME.  But the color choices are so beautiful!  I’m thinking of stepping out of the box and starting a new color with my next piece.

Do you see that cute little book in the background?  That’s my favorite new cookbook and author , Danielle Walker.  She has an amazing story and fabulous recipes.  I use her cookbooks more than any other.  Check back soon for a quick little blog about her!

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Bunco Party

Our bunco group just got together at my house so I spruced up a bit.  I love hosting a party and getting all my fancy dishes out and adding some flowers around the house. IMG_1091

Our group has been getting together for 13 years!  We have raised our kids together shared our struggles and enjoyed a ton of good times.  I feel so blessed to be part of this group, as time goes on our dynamics have changed but once we all get together it’s like old times.  We end up talking so much that not a whole lot of dice rolling happens.  Thats what its all about for me, its the fellowship and bunco is just an excuse to get together.

We’ve had lots of good memories over the years.  We call it “bunco night” but we don’t always get together to play bunco.  We have gone out to do all kinds of fun stuff like going out to the movies or out to the casino to play bingo.  It’s got to the point that our husbands ask us now what are we really going to go out and do this time.  One of the coolest things we got together to do was when we signed up to do Relay for Life two years in a row.  We needed a team name so we came up with “Bunco Bettys” and it stuck.  We affectionately refer to ourselves as that all the time now.

We all have gotten kind of busy so we haven’t gotten together for almost 5 months!  It was really nice to see everyone again.

Of course a party isn’t complete with out plenty to eat and drink and don’t forget table snacks when rolling dice.

I found this print of the flower online and printed it off for free from here a Craftberry Bush.

There is all kinds of different rules on how to play.  We have just found what works best for us and all agreed on them.  We do a $5 buy in and we distribute the winnings accordingly: 1st place goes to most buncos, 2nd place goes to most wins, 3rd place goes to second most wins, and 4th place goes to  biggest loser. If your looking for rules on how to play I found these on Pinterest that I liked.

I’m loving spring and had to add tulips all over the house.  The antler print I got from here at Lolly and Jane.

Here’s to getting together with your girls friends and playing bunco!  Did I inspire you to start a group? I hope so, it’s so worth it! If your already in a group do you have any additional fun idea you can share with me?

Enjoy your day,


My Favorite New Lunch

Like many of you, I am often on the go and don’t have time to prepare lunch.  So some days I’ll grab an apple and slice of turkey to eat on the run.  But a few days ago, after my later than normal workout, I was famished when I got home.  So I made my favorite new lunch that takes just a little prep.  Here are the ingredients I used….

image           image

Skipjack tuna (yes, any tuna will do, this skipjack thing is something I need to read up on), or chicken if you don’t like tuna, one large avacado, apple, celery and some sweet peppers.

Mash your avacado, yes the whole thing.


Dice 1/4 apple. two green onions, one stalk of celery


Then add diced veg and drained tuna to the mashed avacado.


Season with salt and pepper to your liking.  Then halve and seed sweet bell peppers.  Fill with tuna salad.


There you have it.  Quick and easy lunch that is really going to fill you up.  I was surprised how many little peppers I filled. ( much more than shown)

Then I topped it off with this,


It’s my favorite smokey, spicy, salty goodness that I get in Hawaii.  You can find it here


Give it a try, let me know what you think.  What’s your favorite quick lunch idea?

Happy Friday,