Say what ? Butter coffee?

About a year and a half ago my husband started talking all about butter coffee or BulletProof coffee as it’s also known.  I turned my nose up and smirked, “Ew, that sounds gross! Butter in your coffee?” He smiled and sat very content with his butter coffee.  Making it every morning he would rave about how good it was. Until finally one day when he wasn’t looking I took a sip.  Mmmm…what was this creamy goodness that I had been snubbing?  It was like no coffee I’ve ever had!  So now I’m addicted.  Yes I know, it sounds crazy and super fattening.  But the whole idea is essentially , you are waking your body up to say ” Oh ya, we are using fat as a fuel source.”  Or for a more detailed version visit Dave Asprey at  But her is my version of butter coffee .

Here are your ingredients….



Grassfed ghee (or Kerrygold butter) , organic coffee, collagen peptides and MCT oil or coconut oil.

Why all this stuff you ask?  Grassfed butter is what makes this so yummy, duh. It’s butter.  Of it does.  Organic coffee , obiously is the “cleanest” choice.  Collagen , it’s the building block of nails, skin, hair, bones and joints.  Ya like gelatin, be grossed out if you must.  But my recovery time post workout almost seems improved because my joints aren’t achy anymore.  The MCT or coconut oil promotes high energy, fat loss and brain function.  Uh huh, you heard me brain function

Step one: BREW YOUR COFFEE!  Add about 12 ounces to a blender or I just use a glass quart jar.


Then add one Tbsp each, grassfed butter, MCT or coconut oil (I love the coconut flavor) and Collagen, if you choose, sometimes I add a dash of cinnamon too.  Then I blend it with an immersion blender.  Whip it and whip it good!!!!  Prepare your taste buds for something new, they are gonna freak!


You can also make a mocha by adding one Tbsp. Unsweetened cocoa powder, one tsp or more pure maple syrup or honey.  This is soooo good!

Then find your favorite mug….

So what do you think?  Are you going to give it a try?  Don’t be scared and waste time without it like I did. Go on, make your day something big and start it off with a butter coffee!  Let me know what ya think. Would ya?



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