I got a text message today from the man of my dreams.  No silly, not George Clooney, I’m talking about the man I married.  He’s on a trip for work, in Seoul, Korea.  He didn’t just text me words of sweet nothings, he sent me pictures of his adventures.  It’s technology grand?  His first pic was from breakfast….I have no idea what he ate, but look at this beautiful cup of Joe.


Isn’t it pretty?  If I were drinking it I would do what I could to retain the art in its original form.  Unless it was super tasty , then I would slurp and gulp in my classy, I MUST HAVE CAFFEINE NOW, totally unrefined , way.   Then the man of my dreams would just give me an eye roll.

He then sent a picture of the view from his hotel .  It’s of Seoul Tower, (wow original name), interesting structure!


Kinda cool, don’t you think?  How in a matter of seconds we can send a picture thousands if miles away!  Wow what a crazy world we live in. He decided it was a good idea to hike up there and halfway up he found this


Yes, if your hike isn’t giving you enough of a workout you can stop here and do something with those funky machines.  But if you keep on trucking up that hill….

You get a beautiful view.


Or or you can find this at the top….Seoul Tower.  It’s sort of like the space needle.  A place to view the city and dine.


Maybe one one day my hubby will take me up that hike and we can see it together.  But for now, I’m happy with pics from far away places that  most people don’t get to see in a lifetime.



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