Sweets for my Sweethearts


Valentines is easy for me because I have a house full of boys!  All they want for Valentines is something sweet to eat!  Lucky for me I know just what to get this year.  I went to my favorite sweet shop in town…

Sweet Necessities


I love this place and so does my hubby and kiddos.


They have the best chocolate covered salted caramels and for Valentine’s Day they shaped them into hearts.

DSC_0009   DSC_0010

One of my hubby’s favorites are the chocolate peanut butter cups so I had to get some of those.  They package them up so cute.  I had to add the heart cut out on top for a little something extra.

DSC_0017   DSC_0024

While I was there I saw the cutest candy kabobs and chocolate football sucker

 I couldn’t resist I know my kids would love them. What do you guys get for your sweethearts?  I’d love to hear your ideas?

Happy Valentine’s Day,


One thought on “Sweets for my Sweethearts

  1. You know your dad-always looking for his favorite ‘butterscotch’ chip cookies. I made up a batch yesterday but I’m not sure they will last till Valentines!’



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